Monster Guard. Endorsed by kids’ sleep experts.

Is the Monster under the bed keeping your child (and YOU) awake? Meet ‘Monster Guard’ – the app that offers a fun and effective way to reassure young children and ‘protect’ them from things that go bump in the night.

With its scan and guard function, Monster Guard offers kids immediate reassurance, Monster ‘protection,’ and empowerment. But it’s more than just a quick fix! Long-term Monster Guard aims to eliminate teraphobia entirely by changing kids’ perceptions of Monsters from something frightening to something friendly and funny.

Changing Children’s Perception of Monsters.

Meet Monty, Founder and Chief Protection Officer at ‘SAFE Inc’, which stands for ‘Shielding All from Frightening Encounters.’

With his heart-warming backstory, friendly, reassuring tone and charming bedtime tales, Monty is the soul of the Monster Guard experience.

Helping kids activate Monster Guard while teaching them that monsters aren’t so scary after all, Monty will transform fear-filled bedtimes to feel-good ones.

Image of Monty the Monster Guard waving in front of a yellow and pink bubble
Monster Guard app screen shots shown on iPhone

Scan for Monsters. Activate Monster Guard.

Monster Guard offers a fun and effective way to “protect” young children from the monsters under their bed. Kids can scan the room for monsters before activating a sonic forcefield to keep them all away throughout the night.

* Note – Between us adults, while scanning the room, Monty will NEVER, ever, ever find a monster in your house.

Scan for Monsters

Kids scan their room with AR technology, seeing Monty right there looking for monsters in their own bedroom!

Activate Guard

Your kids activate a sonic forcefield over their bedroom that 100% guarantees no monsters will get in.

Sleep Sounds

For kids who need a little white noise or rainfall to drown out the sounds of the day to fall asleep.

Sleep Tracking & Rewards

Track how well your kids sleep and reward them as they achieve new levels.


Monster Guard app screen shots shown on iPhone

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